A lifelong resident of Massachusetts, Attorney Laurie Grant has been providing legal services in the areas of Civil Litigation, Consumer Law, Family Law/Divorce/Mediation, Landlord/Tenant Limited Appearance/Unemployment, and Wills/Contracts/Collections since 1998. With over 17 years of legal experience of trials and litigation, Attorney Grant’s exemplary skills, knowledge of the law, and passion for helping her clients put her a step above the rest.

Attorney Grant is committed to advocating, protecting and asserting the rights of her clients. Her dedication to law can be attributed to her experience as a young 10 year old consumer, when she bought a bag of potato chips with her hard earned allowance. When she found that they were soggy and rotten, Grant wrote to the chip company and received a free case of the chips. This experience sparked a lifelong interest and enthusiasm for fighting for just and fair results.

  • Education: University of Massachusetts School of Law (Formerly Southern New England School of Law), J.D., 1998; Internship at Plymouth County District Court 1996-1998; Bridgewater State University. B.A., 1981
  • Areas of Practice:
  1. Civil Litigation
  2. Consumer Law
  3. Divorce/Family Law/Mediation
  4. Landlord/Tenant Law
  5. Limited Appearance/Unemployment
  6. Wills/Contracts/Collections
  • Admissions:
  1. Massachusetts Bar Association, 1998
  2. United States District Court, 1999
  3. United States Supreme Court, 2005
  • Member of the Plymouth County Bar Association, member of the Boston Bar Association, and member and Former President and Officer of Plymouth District Bar Association